Alive, Well, and Ruining Our Future

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"Sweeping vision, sharp wit, and in-depth research . . . a road map to how the Far Right and conservative religious forces succeeded in pushing women's rights back from victories in the 1970s into an era in which women must begin again." - Rita Henley Jensen editor in chief Women's eNews

"Sexism in America is vital reading for everyone to ensure that the quality of life for women continues to transform to ultimately create complete gender equality." - Dr. Jane Greer, Author of How Could You Do This To Me? Learning To Trust After Betrayal

"In no-nonsense fashion, Berg lays out the case for a renewed feminist movement that can be at the center of progressive politics. Her passion and humor demonstrate why feminism is not a threat to us men but a gift - a philosophy and a politics that can help us all become more fully human." --Robert Jensen, University of Texas at Austin, author of Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity

"Thank goodness for Sexism in America!  It exposes one of the best-kept secrets of our time.  Slowly and steadily the progress toward justice and equality women achieved during the Women's Movement of the Seventies has been stripped away until in many ways, things are worse now than before it began.  Barbara Berg does a fantastic job showing us how and why this has happened - including the role of corporate greed. And she shows us what we can do about it.  The time has come for a new wave of feminism and Sexism in America is just what we need to help bring it on!" - Diane E. Levin, Ph.D., Professor of Education, Wheelock College, Co-author of So Sexy So Soon

"Sexism in America is a powerful and passionate analysis of the systematic degradation of feminist accomplishments - in education, employment, athletics, and elsewhere - and the virulent resurgence of sexism.  In this convincingly argued and poignantly written analysis, Berg assiduously documents the conservative politics, policies, and practices that have caused American women and girls unremitting harm since the Reagan era - and especially under George Bush. Berg's is an undaunted vision of an anti-feminist past and its disastrous influence: an insecure present and uncertain future for females. Reminding us that the "personal is political," this book will provide women with an unambiguous understanding of a broader pattern of gender inequality. The daily incidents, insults, assaults, and setbacks that feel unfair to women and girls, turn out to be, deliberately unjust." - Miriam Forman-Brunell, Professor of History at University of Missouri-Kansas City, author, Babysitter: An American History (2009), Girlhood in America: An Encyclopedia (2001), The Story of Rose O'Neill: A Memoir (1997), and Made to Play House (1993)

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Origins of American Feminism.
The Woman & The City 1800-1860
(Oxford University Press, 1978)

"This sensitive and original book will permanently transform our ideas about the origins of feminism in America. It introduces a young historian of high promise."
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

"A remarkable fund of information...[provides] a genuine service for men and women who are curious about women's role in American history....Stimulating and original."
Alden Whitman in The New York Times

"Extraordinary.....The depth of research, the power and originality of the analysis, and the beauty and moral force of the writing distinguish it as a major achievement among the recent crop of books in American history."
Paul Goodman, University of California, Davis

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NOTHING TO CRY ABOUT: A Memoir of One Woman's Struggle to Become a Mother ( Seaview Books, 1981)

"Describes one of the important phases in almost every woman's life...a moving and beautifully written work...Thank you for letting us share this part of your life, which was such a difficult part and had a wonderfully happy ending."
Elisabeth Bing, author of Moving Through Pregnancy

"The book allows you to share and understand the deepest, most personal feelings of [loss]...There have been other books written on this subject, but Nothing to Cry About is moving and beautifully written in addition to furnishing practical information..."
Tribune Eagle

"This is Our Bodies Ourselves writ large and personal. Women will love this book."
Library Journal

"Nothing to Cry About is a must-read."

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THE CRISIS OF THE WORKING MOTHER: Resolving the Conflict Between Family and Work (Summit/ Simon & Schuster ,1986)

"Berg has written a richly textured book, skillfully combining anecdotal reporting and current research in several disciplines. Her chapter on the history of women in America's work masterful."
The Los Angeles Times

"Well-written, reasonable."
The New York Times

"Offers welcome encouragement, solid psychological insights and practical strategies."

"Drawing on her own experience and that of hundreds of women she interviewed, as well as many books and articles, Berg presents a cogent, in-depth examination of the inevitable family-work conflict experienced by working mothers. Throughout, Berg imparts much sound advice on coping with the resultant emotional and physical pressures."
Publishers Weekly

"A thoughtful, well-documented and readable analysis...An important book."
Library Journal

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(Enslow pub., 2000)

"Berg's straightforward writing style makes the material accessible and interesting. Throughout, she interjects the experiences, ideas, and comments of modern young women."
School Library Journal

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